Artesia DUI Attorney

Artesia DUI Attorneys

Artesia law enforcement authorities are very serious when it comes to DUI. All DUI cases are prosecuted as being major criminal offenses and the legal penalties for such charges may prove to be detrimental. Legal sentence for driving under the influence now includes thousands of dollars in fines, years of probation, suspension of driving privileges as well as jail time. These are not the kind of penalties you will want to experience and you will only get a single chance to deal with them.

The most effective way to deal with DUI would be hiring a qualified and experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney. Our professional Los Angeles DUI attorneys spent many years in exploring the defense strategies that are effective for DUI charges, both in court and outside of it. We will aid you in facing the toughest legal procedures and will guide you through the whole process. Our professional Artesia DUI attorneys from Eisner Gorin LLP will have what it takes to reduce the charges to something less serious than DUI, negotiate a more positive result or get the case dismissed to begin with.

A lot of people cannot even comprehend how expensive Artesia DUI charges may turn out to be. The law enforcement authorities were constantly raising the penalties throughout the years and all to the point when even the tiniest DUI conviction may cost you as much as $15 000. Although such amount of money is unbearable for most of the citizens, it is a great source of income for Artesia indeed. Artesia is making sure that every case is prosecuted heavily and the police around the area receiving bonus in order to pay more attention to drunk drivers.

Alongside the financial costs, some of the penalties for first time DUI may include:

  • Time in jail. You may be sentenced to jail for up to six months. And despite the fact that people arrested in Artesia are usually held in the local station, in case you are going to be convicted, you may be sent to a county jail.
  • Suspended license. First time DUI may cost you driving privileges for up to 1 year.
  • DUI classes. The court may require you to attend the special alcohol or drug awareness classes for up to three months term. Furthermore, you will have to pay for those classes yourself.
  • Finally, you are going to remain on probation for up to five years and may have additional penalties as part of your probation.

These penalties are only for the first time offenders. In case it is not your first time DUI, you are going to be facing additional penalties. For instance, your jail sentence may be prolonged to a year and you may even be sentenced to state prison. The suspension of the license as well as DUI classes will last much longer. You may even be required to treat your addiction.

The final battle will be divided into three main events and every one of those will have its own deadline. How you are going to deal with those events will determine the overall outcome of the case. These events are:

  1. The arraignment (two days – two weeks after the arrest). The arraignment is basically your first appearance in court. You are going to appear before the judge and plead Guilty or Not Guilty. Yet, this is also your opportunity to demonstrate to the prosecutor that you will not be easily convicted. Prosecutors are unable to invest a lot of time into every single case and will not want your DUI case to turn into a huge battle of epic proportions. In case you already have a great Artesia DUI lawyer they know and respect, they will know that you are very serious about putting up a fight. Hence, they could offer you a greater deal right away.
  2. Administrative DMV hearing (ten days deadline from your arrest). After you were arrested for DUI, you only have 10 days to try keeping your driving privileges. This is the legal deadline for requesting an administrative DMV hearing. Should you neglect that deadline; the DMV will revoke your license even before you will go to trial. Make sure your Artesia DUI lawyer is capable of handling the DMV matter for you.
  3. The trial (30-45 days from your arrest). In case you are going to go to trial, it will take place at the Norwalk Courthouse. No doubt, dealing with the jury is not an easy task, the trial may be very stressful for you. Yet, there is a chance that you will not need to go to trial. Your Artesia DUI attorney is going to work hard in order to win the case for you prior to the trial and will consider trial by jury as the last resort.

Our seasoned Artesia DUI lawyers have a number of legal defense strategies for DUI cases. At Eisner Gorin LLP we devote our practice to DUI cases and are making our career from mastering the best defense techniques. Even though every case is different, the main approach consists of fighting the evidence against you one step at a time. In case there is ample evidence to challenge the case, the prosecutor will be forced to back down. If you were arrsted and charged with DUI n Artesia, please call our law offices at (877) 781-1570 or fill out online contact form.