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Being charged with DUI in Azusa is very stressful situation. There is a big chance that you will be sentenced to pay expensive fines, your license can be suspended, you will need to attend obligatory DUI classes and you will also be sentenced to jail. If you were arrested and charged with DUI, it will be vital to get a good criminal defense in court.

Luckily, there is no need to face the charges on your own. Our qualified as well as experienced Azusa DUI attorney will be capable of guiding you through the difficult legal process and will make sure that it is possible to negotiate with the prosecution in order to get you alternatives of reducing all charges or dismissing the whole case before court trial.

Azusa DUI charges are serious. Fines are becoming more and more expensive and actually represent a source of income for Azusa. Regular DUI checkpoints that are located everywhere around the city are capable of apprehending many drivers at the same time.

Still, it is not all. Even if it is your first time DUI in Azusa, the legal consequences may well include:

  • Jail time. There is a chance that you will be facing up to six months in jail. This sentence will be largely determined by your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content), any injuries or damage that you may have caused as well as the discretion of the judge among other things.
  • Losing your license. Once you are charged with DUI, you lose your license. It will to be suspended for up to a year.
  • Education and treatment. Every person convicted for DUI will be required to attend DUI classes, and will have to pay for it. This implies at the very least three months of lessons and it will cost you about $500 or more.
  • Fines and fees. Fines seem to be enough of a burden, but you will also have to pay different administrative fees. The minimal amount of fees will cost you anywhere from about $1 800 to $16 000.

If you committed another DUI within the last decade, legal penalties will get even worse. The sentence in jail will become longer and may even be replaced with up to 16 months in state prison. On top of that, fines will surely reach tens of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, you will lose your license for years and could be tried as a felon. You will need to come up with proper defense as quickly as possible.

Our Azusa DUI Attorneys Are Here To Help

Regardless of whether you were apprehended by the local police or state troopers, every DUI case will proceed in line with the similar timeline. Following deadlines will need to be met if you are hoping to minimize the sentence at the very least:

  • Administrative DMV Hearing. The only way you could keep the license would be through initiating an administrative DMV hearing within 10 days after you were arrested. Otherwise, the license will be suspended by the DMV automatically. A DUI attorney will be able to aid you with filing the request and will help you avoid losing your license. The attorney will also be able to represent you during the hearing itself.
  • Arraignment. This is basically your first court date. This is not a trial – it is a short hearing in front of a judge. This is also when you are going to be asked to plead Guilty or Not Guilty. Finally, this is the very first time you will be able to meet the prosecution in court. They will assess you in order to determine if you are going to put up a fight. A qualified and experienced DUI attorney will make them back down and consider a much better offer than the one they offered you earlier. The arraignment will take place within 14 days from the arrest and you will need to make sure that you have a great lawyer before this date.
  • Trial Date. In the end, you are going to be scheduled for trial and it will probably take place at the West Covina Courthouse. Nevertheless, if you have a qualified as well as genuinely experienced DUI attorney by your side, there is a big chance that the case will never go to trial. Yet, the attorney will need time in order to obtain all the evidence, assess the case and negotiate with the prosecution. This may take a month from the date of your arrest, so make sure you get a great attorney as quickly as it is possible.

In order to benefit from a better result, it is important to hire a respectable Azusa  DUI attorney. Eisner Gorin LLP have skills and expertise that will turn DUI case in your favor. For example:

  • How valid is the breathalyzer test. An attorney could argue about the result of breathalyzer, urine and blood tests and could consequently take them out of the equation.
  • Challenging the arrest procedure. Arrest in numerous cases involves biases, assumptions as well as mistakes. An attorney will be capable of drawing these out and will turn the tide to your benefit.
  • Violating rights. You may not have realized that, but your rights may have been violated to begin with. If that is the case, the attorney will prove that all the collected evidence is illegal and this will aid you immensely.


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