Baldwin Park DUI Attorney

Baldwin Park DUI Attorneys

If you were charged with DUI in Baldwin Park, it is very important for you to find legal representation. After all, DUI is not a joke and Baldwin Park is very serious when it comes to it. DUI penalties may well include suspension of your driving privileges, jail time, obligatory alcohol awareness classes as well as a fortune in fines and fees.

No doubt, the best defense strategy would be to hire a qualified as well as genuinely experienced Baldwin Park DUI attorney. Such a DUI lawyer will have what it takes to deal with your case rapidly and to deliver best results possible. In most cases, with proper legal representation by your side, you will not even need to go to trial. Furthermore, there may be a way to dismiss the case to begin with.

A major crackdown on DUI took place over recent years. After all, Baldwin Park sees DUI as one of main sources of income, since it is easy to collect fees and fines from every single conviction. Just think about it – a first time DUI may cost you more than $15 000. This money will go into the city budget. Hence, Baldwin Park law enforcement authorities are doing their best to arrange as many sobriety checkpoints all over the city as possible.

If you were arrested, you will face a huge list of legal penalties that will generally differ depending on whether it is your very first DUI or perhaps you have more DUI charges in the past decade. The sentence may also be even more severe if you have managed to cause an accident, refused to submit yourself to breath or blood test or had minors in the car along with you. One way or the other, all those sentences are pretty harsh.

First time DUI penalties may include:

  • Expensive fines. The minimum sum you will need to pay would be $1 800. Sure enough, the number will only elevate from there.
  • Time in jail. There is a chance that you will be spending up to six months in jail.
  • Licenses suspension. You will lose your driving privileges, which implies that you will be unable to drive legally. Regulations are challenging, but you will need to wait at least four months before you get your license back or it can take even longer.
  • DUI awareness classes. You are going to be required to enlist in special awareness courses that were designed for DUI convicts. It will take at least three months and will cost you $500.
  • Probation. You will remain on probation after your sentence is over.

Of course, these are penalties for first time DUI offenders. If it is not the first time you were charged with DUI, the sentence may well include up to a year in jail or even state prison as well as license suspension for years, thirty months of DUI treatment as well as thousands upon thousands of dollars in fines and fees. There is also a chance that you will need to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle.

The case may go differently in line with who arrested you. In most cases, though, you are going to be process at the Baldwin Park Jail and will need to pay bail in order to be released. Starting there is a very complex process and it would be good for you to understand every aspect of this process indeed.

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There are several important deadlines involved in this process. You will need to act accordingly prior to any of those deadlines and you will need to handle the matter properly. Should you not, the legal consequences may have an impact on you for years.

Here is a more comprehensive look at all those deadlines:

  1. Administrative DMV Hearing. Right after the arrest you will only have ten days to fight for your driving privileges. This is the term that you have to initiate an administrative DMV hearing. If you fail to request the hearing on time, your license will be automatically suspended. Should you miss that deadline, there is pretty much nothing else you could  do about it. Our Baldwin DUI attorney will be able to represent you during that hearing.
  2. The Arraignment. This is basically the first time you are going to appear in court. This will take place within two weeks of the arrest. It is not a trial – it is just a hearing that will require you to enter in a plea bargain. Still, it is a very important factor. This is when you formally meet the prosecutor for the first time. The prosecution will hope that you are an easy catch. Hence, it is best to be represented by a great Baldwin Park DUI attorney. That way the prosecution will be aware that you are not going to back down easily and may offer you a far better deal.
  3. The Criminal Trial. In most cases the trial will take place at the West Covina Courthouse. However, your attorney will make sure that you get a great offer beforehand or will even get the case dismissed to start with. He will negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf to ensure better results.