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Los Angeles DUI Case Victories

Our law firm has attained the highest ratings, A.V.and Preeminent, from the most recognized North American attorney-screening service, Martindale-Hubbell. The firm’s DUI attorneys have been recognized as some of the best defense lawyers in California, stemming from their courtroom experience, professionalism, and ethics – based on peer-reviews submitted by judges, defense attorneys, and prosecutors. The firm aggressively defends clients in all Southern California courtrooms on DUI charges, and at DMV hearings.

We Have a History of Courtroom Victories

We continue to achieve tremendous results for our clients facing misdemeanor and felony charges for all DUI and drunk driving related offenses in all LA County courtrooms. As former Los Angeles DUI prosecutors, we have a balanced and in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system, having established professional relationships with other defense attorneys, law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, and judges throughout Southern California. We work tenaciously for our clients until a courtroom victory is achieved realizing that every case is resolved based on its own unique facts and circumstances. We strive to focus the courts, law enforcement, and prosecutors on the mitigation and exculpatory evidence which we present regarding our clients. Please review a few recent examples of courtroom successes, in felony and misdemeanor DUI charges:

Van Nuys Court – DUI and Refusal Charge Dismissed

Driver caused accident, after apparently falling asleep at the wheel. He rear-ended another car, causing injury to the occupants. LAPD arrested him for felony DUI after establishing he took too much prescription medication for a migraine condition. Due to english being a second language, and strong stutter, LAPD decided he was being uncooperative, and charged him with refusing blood alcohol testing. All DUI charges were dismissed, along with the allegation that he refused the testing.

Glendale Court – Felony DUI With Injury Charges Dismissed

Client charged with felony DUI with injuries and a prior for the same thing. Prior to the preliminary hearing, we were able to have the case reduced to misdemeanor DUI. Instead prison for a felony DUI, client received credit for time served and community service.

San Fernando Court – Felony Hit and Run Charges Dismissed

LAPD alleged that licensed medical professional left the scene of traffic accident causing injury, due to being intoxicated. All felony charges were dismissed in trial court. Client resolved case for a misdemeanor plea after DA requested prison at the preliminary hearing.

San Fernando Court – Manslaughter Charges Dismissed

Client accused of making illegal left turn, at night, causing death of elderly person in oncoming traffic. After demonstrating client not intoxicated, and not at fault, criminal charges dismissed. Defense forensic expert established that decedent may in fact have been intoxicated around time of collision.

Van Nuys Court – DUI and Drug Charges Dismissed

After client was arrested and criminal charged, we determined that he was a patient with proper medicinal recommendations pursuant to Proposition 215 and AB 240. LAPD had followed client from a medicinal marijuana dispensary prior to arresting him. Both criminal charges dismissed on the eve of trial. Client only pled to a speeding infraction, as part of the disposition.

Los Angeles Metro Court – DUI Charges Dismissed

Client charged with DUI and hit and run. After extensive negotiations with city attorney’s office, both charges were dismissed, and client admitted to the low grade misdemeanor charge of drunk in public and probation was imposed.

Van Nuys Court – 2nd DUI Reduced to Wet Reckless

Client’s alcohol concentration tested .19 after blood drawn by LAPD. Firm hired forensic services company to retest the client’s sample. There was a major discrepancy between independent result, and the police-obtained evidence. 2nd DUI reduced to wet reckless. Client paid fine to the court, and received informal probation. No jail on the new case, nor on the probation violation.

Santa Clarita Court – DUI Charges Dismissed

Client was arrested for DUI after breath test revealed .09/.10 results. DUI charges dismissed, after problems of proof demonstrated. Client accepted reduced, non alcohol-related offense, of reckless driving.

Torrance Court – DUI Charges Dismissed

Client was arrested for DUI after a breath-alcohol test revealed a .14/.14 results. After plea negotiations, and success at the DMV hearing allowing the client to keep his driver’s license without a suspension, the prosecution dismissed DUI charges. Client pled to a non-alcohol driving charge, and paid a fine.

LAX Airport Court – DUI Causing Accident Dismissed

All DUI allegations dismissed despite .09/.09 BAC results at the police station. Accepted case settlement for reduced charge speed exhibition (non-alcohol related) after we demonstrated problems of proof to the prosecution.

Van Nuys Court – Hit and Run Charges Dismissed

We obtained a civil compromise causing all criminal charges stemming from the hit and run to be dismissed. Client left the courtroom with a clean record.

Van Nuys Court – DUI Charges Dismissed

Client was arrested for DUI after .07/.08 BAC reading at the police station. DUI charges dismissed. Client settled case for an infraction of making illegal left turn.

We also have numerous victories in other LA County Courts setting aside driver’s license suspensions by DMV, for DUI arrests, failure to present financial responsibility, numerous points on driving record, and at-fault accidents.

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