Driving On a Suspended License

Driving on a Suspended License

driving on a suspended licenseDriving on a suspended license is a violation of Vehicle Code 14601 and is a misdemeanor offense with a mandatory jail sentence. A typical charge may result in jail time, probation and/or heavy fines. If your license was suspended for DUI (driving under the influence), the penalties will be worse. Sometimes the prosecution may be willing to reduce your charges, but only with the help of a capable DUI attorney do you have a chance of avoiding a jail sentence.

When you work with a lawyer at Eisner Gorin LLP, you are working with a professional who has many years of experience in criminal defense. If your driving on a suspended license case goes to court, you will be represented by one of the partners at our firm, not an attorney who is new and inexperienced. Our driving under the influence attorneys have decades of collective courtroom experience and are aggressive and persistent in getting the best outcome possible for your driving on a suspended license charge.

Defenses for Driving on a Suspended License

In any case involving driving with a suspended license, the prosecution must prove three factors:

  • You were driving
  • Your license was actually suspended or revoked
  • You knew that your license was suspended

The last point often serves as a successful defense when our lawyers take your case to court. Because the prosecution must prove your knowledge of your suspended license beyond a reasonable doubt, our lawyers may be able to prove that you did not get a notice of suspension or that you did not see it if it was mailed to you.

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