Implied Consent-Refusal

Implied Consent and DUI in Los Angeles

implied consent refusalCalifornia observes an “implied consent” law, which requires drivers to submit to chemical testing, such as blood, breath or urine tests, if they are suspected of drunk driving. In fact, when you apply for a driver’s license in California, you sign certain forms which contain your agreement to implied consent laws. Having a driver’s license is considered to be a privilege, not a right; this is part of the reason these laws are in place. Although a person can refuse a blood or breath test, this will result in the automatic and mandatory suspension of his or her driver’s license. Refusal of a chemical test may even be considered to be an admittance of guilt. In addition, even if you are found “not guilty” after your DUI trial, your license will still be suspended.

If you have refused blood or breath testing, you will definitely need a skilled Los Angeles DUI attorney on your side. For instance, if the officer did not inform you of implied consent and the consequences of you refusing a breath test, this may be used to your advantage in court. Regardless of the specific circumstances surrounding your implied consent refusal, a driving under the influence attorney will need to advise you on your options.

DUI Implied Consent in Los Angeles, California

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