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If your drunk driving criminal charges are scheduled to be handled at LAX court, you will need to consult at DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Every court in Los Angeles County has different judges and support staff. If your lawyer is familiar with the court, this can prove advantageous to the outcome of your case. At the law office of Eisner Gorin LLP, we have been handling cases in the LAX court for decades and are familiar with court procedures and staff. Over the many years of our drunk driving practice, we have successfully handled hundreds of cases involving driving under the influence. This means that our law firm has collected massive resources for DUI defense.

LAX Court Drunk Driving Attorney

If you are represented by an experienced defense lawyer, the outcome of your case could be improved. Many of our clients have had their DUI charges dismissed or reduced by the skilled work of the attorneys at our firm. We handle any type of DUI criminal charges, including felony DUIdrugs & DUI, vehicular manslaughter, prior convictions, living out of state, unlawful police stop, implied consent refusal, driving on a suspended license, sobriety checkpoints, DUI blood tests, DUI breath test, expungement, field sobriety test, DMV hearing, among others.

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