Malibu DUI Attorney

DUI Lawyer in Malibu, CA

A attorney at our firm can help if you have been arrested for driving under the influence or drunk driving. Driving under the influence is a serious charge, punishable by fines, jail time and community service – and usually much more. The DMV will suspend your driver’s license if you are convicted of DUI, and you may be unable to have it reinstated for months or even years. An experienced lawyer is the way that you can protect yourself from these penalties.

Without an attorney who is experienced and aggressive, you will be vulnerable to attack by the prosecution. Law enforcement officers and prosecutors may not treat you with respect but instead as a criminal. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to this violation of your rights. Instead, work with a lawyer who can act as an advocate for your rights and your innocence. By thoroughly reviewing your case, your attorney will search for anything that will be valuable in your defense. This may be evidence of an unlawful police stop, or an improperly administered or tested breath test or blood test. Whatever the specific situation, you are better off with experienced lawyers from our firm on your side.

At Eisner Gorin LLP, we have years of experience in DUI criminal law. We also have experience as former prosecutors and thus have a unique understanding of what prosecutors are up against in attempting to secure a guilty verdict and maximum penalties. We use this to our advantage, understanding the prosecution’s weaknesses and using them to help secure an acquittal.

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