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Have you or someone you know been arrested and charged with driving under the influence in North Hollywood? Contact the law offices of Eisner Gorin LLP today for expert advice and guidance from one of our attorneys. We provide assistance in Spanish, Armenian, Russian, and Chinese.

Just because you have been arrested for drunk driving does not automatically mean you are guilty of drunk driving. There are many legal options that one of our DUI lawyers can provide you with. For example, by law, a police officer must have probable cause to conduct a traffic stop. If your arresting officer lacked probable cause for pulling you over, then the stop is unlawful and your arrest and the evidence collected after the stop could be inadmissible in court. If a police officer improperly administered a roadside breathalyzer tests or mishandled a blood or chemical tests, then this evidence can be excluded in court. The attorneys at our firm are expertly versed in drunk driving arrests and court procedures and can successfully guide you through the complicated and stressful DUI legal process, in addition to the DMV hearing at which your driver’s license may be suspended or even revoked.

The goal of our lawyers is to provide you with the best drunk driving defense available. We have successfully defended hundreds of clients facing DUI criminal charges throughout Los Angeles County. Our prior case victories have been extraordinary due to our concentration and dedication to defending drunk driving cases. We have developed effective courtroom strategies over our many years of practice. If you are seeking the best DUI attorney in North Hollywood, contact our firm for a case evaluation right away.

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