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Being arrested for drunk driving can be disorienting and frightening. What can you do to avoid having your license suspended or being sent to jail? You can talk to a DUI attorney immediately to see what your options are. Every driving under the influence case is different and requires the special attention of an attorney who knows what your rights are and knows the laws of your specific area and how they apply to your DUI case.

The law firm of at Eisner Gorin LLP are qualified to help with DUI cases of all kinds, and will fight to protect our clients rights and your interests, regardless of the charges they may face. We have experience in defending felony DUI charges, vehicular manslaughter and multiple DUI offenders as well as expungements. If you work with an at our firm, you will be represented by one of our firm partners. You will not be represented by an untrained or inexperienced attorney – you will get the best defense we can provide.

Sobriety checkpoints, field sobriety tests, breath tests, and blood tests are all tools that police agencies use to crack down upon and convict suspected offenders. Each of these tools has faults and instances where protocol or your constitutional rights may be violated. We know what to look for in these cases and will use this to your advantage both in and out of court. We want to ensure you have the best chance possible to avoid a conviction and penalties.

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