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DUI Lawyer in Van Nuys, CA

You may have been out with some friends and had a drink, you may have been at dinner with your significant other and had wine – whatever the circumstances that initially led to your DUI arrest, you will need a lawyer on your side to defend your rights. There are a number of options a DUI lawyer will explore in taking on a driving under the influence case:

  • Did the officer have cause to pull you over? unlawful police stop may be grounds for your attorney to have your case dismissed or evidence suppressed.
  • Was the breathalyzer machine used to conduct your breath test up to accepted standards? Was it properly calibrated and administered correctly? Your attorney may be able to use this to your advantage to have blood alcohol evidence suppressed in your DMV hearing and in court.
  • Was your blood test administered legally, by a professional?If not, this may be grounds for dismissal of this evidence.

At Eisner Gorin LLP, we are committed to helping our clients who have been arrested for driving under the influence. These charges will require dedicated representation by an experienced lawyer in order for you to avoid the penalties associated with this criminal offense. Your arrest may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony offense in California, depending upon the particular circumstances. You may face time in county jail or state prison, along with fines, community service, probation and counseling. Additionally, the DMV will suspend your license if you are convicted of DUI.

At our firm, we utilize a private investigator to help us investigate complex cases and build a strong foundation of evidence that will work in your favor at your DMV hearing and in court.

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